Marc Sharinn, Esquire

Marc Sharinn, Esquire, Co‐Founder and Chief Executive Officer, was a managing partner of Breckenridge Fund, LLC, a multi-strategy investment fund that provided debt and equity to public and private companies across various industries. He was also a principal of Deer Creek Fund, LLC, an investment fund that focused on secured lending and warehouse credit to mortgage lenders. Previously, Marc co‐founded Wellington Capital Corporation, a private finance company that invested and loaned capital to public and private companies and purchased and developed commercial and residential real estate. Wellington also provided term loans and revolving credit facilities collateralized by real property, marketable securities, accounts receivables and machinery and equipment.

Michael Humphrey

Michael Humphrey, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer, was previously the Director of Construction of a major developer of self storage facilities in the New York area. Prior to his self storage experience, he was VP of Construction of Globix Corporation, which developed data centers nationwide. He was also the VP of Construction at Chesapeake Resources, where he developed a portfolio of successful self storage facilities. Michael is widely recognized as one of the most experienced developers and builders of self storage facilities and over the course of his career, has built over 50 facilities totaling more than three million square feet. Michael developed twenty-five facilities in New York City, which represented over 25% of all of the facilities constructed in Manhattan from 2002 to 2012.